We believe abortion care is health care.

And getting to your abortion care should be accessible and safe.

MAAA is a volunteer-driven group of individuals living in and around Maryland who are committed to ensuring folks get the abortion care they need. The project is run by NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland Fund, and was created with the support and input of Maryland abortion clinics, local abortion funds, and practical support groups across the country.


Maryland Abortion Access Alliance breaks down barriers to abortion access by providing rides, lodging, and translation assistance for Marylanders and those traveling to Maryland for abortion care.


We envision a world in which people can access their full range of reproductive health needs without facing unnecessary barriers or stigma.


We value inclusivity, equity, community, mutual aid, autonomy, and trust. 

  • Inclusivity. We know that people across all parts of society need access to abortion care. We believe that abortion care should be available and accessible to people regardless of their age, race, location, gender, class, or sexuality. We strive to be inclusive of all people in our services.
  • Community. We seek to build a community of people providing and seeking care. We believe that collective power is built when people are in community with each other.
  • Mutual aid. We view this work as mutual aid. We bring people together in community to support the needs of everyone.
  • Autonomy.  We believe that all people have a right to bodily autonomy. People should be able to decide what happens to their body without coercion or influence.
  • Trust. We trust that people are experts on their own lives and what they need. We trust the people we serve to tell us what they need.

If you need transportation and/or lodging to access your abortion care appointment,

call 443-406-6699 and we will call you back within 24 hours.


Email: mdabortionaccessalliance@gmail.com

Phone Number: 443-406-6699

*Leave a message and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.